What To Do If Your Wii Cannot Read A Disc

Playing video games has become a national pastime. Many individuals are even starting to earn a viable paycheck playing and testing the games. One of the more annoying things to have happen when one is ready to sit down and start enjoying a rousing game on their Wii console, is to see an error message. What should the individual do when their Wii tells them that, Wii cannot read disc they have fed into the system?

If the "unable to read disc", or the "wii cannot read disc" message appears when you load the game into the system, it could be because during the last session of gameplay the disc was removed while the game was loaded into the system. In order to solve the wii cannot read disc problem one will need to either return the disc to the system and then exit the game, or the individual will need to return to the Wii menu before they attempt to either reload the desired disc or the prior disc.

The wii cannot read disc message may also appear if the game console is laying flat and is upside down. The wii cannot read disc properly in this position so the system will have to be re-positioned. If laying flat the system is in the correct position if the game disc slot is positioned above the buttons and SD card slot.

Another issue that prompts the wii cannot read disc message is if the game is being loaded into the system backwards. The game is fed into the system correctly when the game label is facing up if the system is laying down, and to the right if the system is standing up.

If the wii cannot read disc problem is with a single game disc and it is being loaded in the system correctly, try cleaning the game disc and reloading it in the system. Wii makers have also issued a list of games known for having the wii cannot read disc issues. Visit the wii web site to attain a fullmlist of titles that have loading and reading issues.