Save Money With Wii Disc Repair

Scratches on your Wii video games can be frustrating. Before one makes the decision to junk the game altogether, there are a number of things that the consumer can try before throwing the game away. With the average cost of video game discs going up everyday, isn't it worth trying to save money and time by performing Wii disc repair yourself?

Wii disc repair only takes a few simple steps. The first method that can be attempted in Wii disc repair is using a microfiber cloth. This method will entail wiping the disc in an outward direction. This will remove all the excess dirt and dust from the disc. The second step is to run the wii disc under warm water. While doing this, if any spots are noticed rub them with your finger until they are gone. Finally, this wii disc repair then entails a full and complete drying of the disc before testing it in the game system.

If the first method of Wii disc repair did not work, try using one tablespoon of water mixed with one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. Dip and saturate a cotton ball with the mixture. Then apply this mixture to the wii disc in a straight line from the center of the disc to the edge of the disc. Allow to dry completly and then test in the wii system.

The third wii disc repair that can be tried uses toothpaste. Place a dab of toothpaste on the disc and rub it from the center to the edges of the disc until the entire disc is covered. Allow the toothpaste to dry completely. Once the toothpaste is dry, run the disc under warm running water and gently rub off all the toothpaste with your thumb. Once the disc dries, test it in the system.

Using wii disc repair tactics like the above should make the disc playable again. While the wii disc repair will not be perfect, these tactics will at least add some life to the discs. Why buy new games when they can repaired and workable with little to no cost investment?